Acopino Monza One Touch Fully Automatic Coffee Machine – Anthracite


High-quality materials, perfect workmanship and extensive equipment characterize the new fully automatic coffee machine Acopino Monza.

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High-quality materials, perfect workmanship and extensive equipment characterize the new fully automatic coffee machine Acopino Monza.

Enjoy Italian coffee specialties like at your favorite Italian. Bring a piece of Italy into your home kitchen with this luxurious fully automatic coffee machine from Acopino. At the touch of a finger, this fully-equipped fully automatic coffee machine not only makes espresso, but also cappuccino, latte macchiato, hot milk and milk froth as well as hot water for tea, without you having to move the cup again – simply one touch!

The DUAL boiler enables espresso and hot milk/milk froth to be prepared at the same time, and thanks to the particularly large water tank and bean container, the Acopino Monza coffee machine is ideal for frequent use. Various settings of the desired drink can be adjusted directly during preparation. The Acopino Monza fully automatic coffee machine also has a programmable switch-off timer, which helps you save energy.

Ease of use

Operation is child’s play and takes place via the color graphic touch display. Six different hot beverages such as espresso, caffé latte, cappuccino and hot milk/milk froth as well as hot water for tea can be prepared at the touch of a button.

Easy cleaning

Various cleaning programs are carried out independently by the Acopino fully automatic coffee machine Monza. The milk hose is cleaned semi-automatically, for example, and the brewing group is rinsed independently. You will be informed of the need for descaling by means of a message on the touch screen and acoustic signals.

Coffee beans or ground coffee?

If you ever want to use ground coffee instead of coffee beans, simply fill an appropriate amount of ground coffee into the powder chute provided and select the symbol provided for this purpose on the graphic display.

Intelligent error detection system

An intelligent error detection system helps you care for the Acopino coffee machine Monza. Acoustic signals and easy-to-understand images on the color touch screen show you clearly where the coffee machine needs your support (empty water tank, coffee beans need to be refilled or the drip tray needs to be emptied).

Programmable and changeable drink settings

All beverage settings (strength, volume of coffee and milk foam as well as coffee and hot water temperature) can be individually adjusted. The degree of grinding of the coffee beans can also be adjusted via a rotary control and adapted to personal taste.

Technical information

  • Output : 1200-1400 watts, DUAL boiler
  • Max. pump pressure: 19bar
  • Mains voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz
  • Dimensions (LxWxH) : 422 x 280 x 380 mm
  • Weight: 11kg
  • Water tank: 2 liter capacity
  • Coffee grounds container: 15 cookies
  • Integrated grinder: conical grinder with multi-level adjustment of the degree of grinding
  • Power cord: 1.5m
  • Temperature control : digital
  • Bean container : 300g capacity
  • Cup warming plate: yes
  • Coffee spout: 80 – 140mm
  • Adjustable coffee temperature: 75° – 90°C
  • Adjustable hot water temperature: 75° – 95°C
  • Colour: anthracite
  • Special equipment: Overheating protection (double), temperature protection with sensor, coffee powder calibration, water hardness setting, visualized menu navigation, multilingual adjustable

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