Aula Razorback Gaming Headset


AULA Razorback headset is what you need if you’re a sound perfectionist.

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AULA Razorback headset is what you need if you’re a sound perfectionist.

Choose your own sound settings using a dedicated software or just plug the headphones into your USB port to instantly enjoy the top-quality Virtual 7.1 sound. Also, the headphones have a sensitive built-in microphone, so none of your strategic plans will be misheard by your teammates.

The headphones are not only illuminated for the best gaming atmosphere, but they’re also soft to your ears and auto–adjustable to your head. At the same time, sturdy materials make them extra-durable to withstand the daily gaming sessions. We’ve also put extra protective layers on the cable, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging it while playing.

Virtual 7.1 Sound
Deeper and richer sound experience
High quality sound
Clear and natural sound leads to great gaming experience
Illuminated ear cups
Unique and stylish look
USB plug
One plug for everything, convenient and fits any computer
Sensitive microphone
Ideal for chatting with friends during the game
Soft-headband and ear-cushions are pleasant to wear; auto-adjustable headband is a nice convenience since you don’t have to adjust it manually
High quality, sturdy materials and reinforced cable to endure daily gaming
Dedicated software
You can choose 3D sound, EQ pre-sets and other settings for the headphones

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