Belkin Screenforce TemperedGlass Treated Screen Protector for iPhone 14 Pro 


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Protect your iPhone 14 Pro with a strengthened TemperedGlass screen protector. It’s engineered from high-quality Japanese glass to absorb impact and prevent scratches, and contains an antimicrobial treatment to protect the product from discoloration and degradation.

Strong, Dependable Protection
Throw your iPhone 14 Pro in your bag, or pocket with keys, and keep that fresh out-of-the-box finish knowing your screen protector was awarded the highest possible score in scratch resistance (9H) and finished with an anti-fingerprint coating. The protector delivers precision touch sensitivity and crystal clarity that maintain the look and feel of your screen. A flawless, bubble-free application is easy at home or in-store.

Advanced Impact Protection
Protect your iPhone 14 Pro with slim, high-quality Japanese tempered glass.

Treated to Save Visual Clarity
The glass contains an antimicrobial treatment to protect the product from microbial growth.

Slim Design
The super-thin 0.33 mm glass preserves screen sensitivity to respond accurately to your touch.

Advanced Defense Against Scratches
Rigorous testing proves a hardness rating of 9H.

Feels Like Your Natural Screen
Your finger glides smoothly over the screen protector, just like it does over your device. Intelligent glass composition reacts like the natural screen.

Anti-Fingerprint Coating
Engineered with fingerprint and oil resistance, you’ll have a screen that’s feeling clean and looking clear.

Flawless Application
The screen protector can be professionally applied to your iPhone by a trained professional, using a specially developed application system. If you can’t make it to your local retailer, we’ve included an Easy Align tray for an easy, bubble-free home application.


  • Engineered from high-quality Japanese glass to absorb impact and prevent scratches
  • Antimicrobial treatment protects the product from discoloration and degradation
  • Precision touch sensitivity through intelligent glass composition that reacts like your phone’s own screen
  • Scratch resistance that’s been awarded the highest score (9H) prevents scuffs and scratches from daily wear and tear
  • Fully preserves your experience of using your screen
  • Crystal-clear so you can see photos and videos as they’re meant to be viewed
  • Flawless application at home or in-store provides a bubble-free finish with no lifting

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