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Lenco L-3808 Direct Drive Turntable – Black


Its trendy design and modern technology make this turntable perfect for all enthusiasts.

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Its trendy design and modern technology make this turntable perfect for all enthusiasts.

Do you want to play your favourite sounds of the past for your children? The Lenco L-3808 produces a superb high-quality sound. Your children will be amazed. Because this midi turntable is so easy to use, you can even let them play a record. The Lenco L-3808 is equipped with a mechanical tonearm lifter, a moving magnet cartridge (MMC) and a built-in preamp. You can play records at two speeds: 33 RPM and 45 RPM. A removable plastic cover protects the turntable from dust.

As the years have passed, your records may have become old and fragile. To prevent your favourite music being lost for ever, you can digitise your cherished vinyl collection using the Lenco L-3808. Connect the turntable to your computer via the USB port and the job will be done in next to no time. Wherever you go, you will always have your favourite music with you.

  • DIRECT DRIVE TURNTABLE – Favoured by DJs the L-3808 is direct drive for fast start-up at cue, vari-speed controls for beat-matching and the ability to scratch by hand without causing damage
  • INTEGRATED STEREO PRE AMPLIFIER – No Need to spend extra money on an additional amplifier, it’s all built into the L-3808. Enjoy Vinyl without distortion or interference.
  • AUDIO TECHNICA CARTRIDGE – Listen to your music how it should be, with the highest quality stylus to reproduce quality audio from your record player
  • USB RECORDING – With the USB connection at the back of the unit record your vinyl music from your turntable to PC by encoding to MP3
  • HI FI STEREO CONNECTORS – With RCA outputs and jacks included hook the L-3808 to your existing home system



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