PerfectPro Rockbull Mobile Hi-Fi Stereo System


Our mobile Hi-Fi stereo system. Featuring 2 heavy woofers (combining a traditional boombox and a stereo system) in a single jobsite radio design, equipped with a long-life lithium battery.

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PerfectPro ROCKBULL Construction Site Radio

The mobile Hi-Fi stereo system
The mobile Hi-Fi stereo system. With its two large woofers, this construction site radio is both a traditional “boom box” and a “stereo tower”, equipped with a sheer long-life lithium battery. This radio commands respect. For example, in large workshops, warehouses or stables, it can transform any work site into a grooving party scene at the touch of a button.

FM radio
FM will continue to exist for the time being. If DAB+ has difficulties with coverage in large buildings or sparsely populated areas, there is always FM. Therefore, don’t worry: every radio can receive FM.

Radio technology of today. Crystal-clear digital radio (DAB+) with lots of ease of use. In locations where digital radio cannot be received, simply switch to FM.

USB Play
You can download your favourite playlists to a USB stick and play them on your radio. No fussing with mobile phones or other devices when you just want to listen to a playlist.

Effortlessly turn your radio into the best Bluetooth speaker and play your own music via Bluetooth. Everything on your computer or phone can be played through the radio.

Power bank
The radio has a powerful battery that can also serve as a power bank with 5 V/1.2 A output. Simply connect the phone to the USB socket and it will be charged.

Had enough of listening to the radio? With a simple audio cable, you can connect any device with a headphone jack and run it through your PerfectPro radio. Also useful when users take turns playing their playlist without having to reconnect to Bluetooth.


  • Bluetooth, DAB+, FM, AUX In, USB Player
  • Internal charger and integrated lithium battery included, 4000 mAh (42 Wh)
  • Power: 2x 25-watt woofers (50 watts), 2 tweeter and a high-performance amplifier

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