ProActiveAir Ionic Air Purifier iO+


ProActiveAir Ionic Air Purifier iO+

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The revolution in air purification

Why are we talking about a revolution? And what was the problem with conventional air purifiers?

With conventional air purifiers, air cleaning of pollutants such as viruses, pollen or dust is achieved by the highest possible air flow through the room. However, the air is moved through the room with all your pollutants and thus viruses can be inhaled along your way. Our solution is active in the entire room shortly after switching on and eliminates the pollutants at the place of their origin by means of different operating principles.

Our principle of action

With our combination of ionization and activated oxygen, we ensure that the room air itself acts as a protective barrier and that all aerosols, particles, viruses and bacteria are removed 99.9% immediately. In addition, we have installed highly effective permanent filter and disinfection technology in our device. We comply with all normative and legal requirements.

Unlike filter technology, we do not wait until the air has arrived at the filter, but instead deactivate harmful components directly at the place of their formation.

How do IO+ and IO+ smart differ from each other?

Both IO+ devices cover different room sizes.The large IO+ up to 160 m²/400 m³, the smaller IO+ smart up to 75 m²/190 m³.The operation and technical implementation of the two devices is exactly identical. Only that two paths of action have been integrated in the large IO+ and one for the smaller IO+ smart. Operation, maintenance and the components are also the same, as well as the space required. Externally, the devices differ only by a different housing height. For large IO+, this is 85 cm and for smaller IO+ smart 52 cm.

Technical data

Cleaning power (max.) 400 m³/h
Suitable for rooms up to 160 m²
Features LED display
Operating voltage 230 V
SPL 48
Factory colour White
Width 390 mm
Height 838 mm
Dim (W x H x D) 390 x 838 x 235 mm
Weight 14.7 kg
Content 1 pc(s)
Depth 235 mm
Product type Air purifier

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