Rubiks Family 2

Rubik’s Cube Family Pack


The Rubik’s Family Pack makes a great gift! Featuring 3 items from the Rubik’s range, the Family Pack consists of a Classic 3×3 Cube, 2×2 Cube and 3×3 Keyring.

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The Rubiks Cube Family Pack features the classic 3×3 cube, the 2×2 cube and the Rubik’s 3×3 Keyring in one pack with plastic tiles! Get your kids and the whole family hooked on the classic twists and turns of solving a cube with the Rubiks Family Pack!

Whether it’s a beginner or an expert, this Family pack has one for everybody. It comes with Rubik Cube’s best-sellers including the traditional 3×3 cube, the 2×2 that’s perfect for beginners and the 3×3 Keyring for on-the-go fun. Each player is guaranteed to learn how to improve their muscle memory, problem-solving and motor skills. All of the included cubes were redesigned to provide each family member with a smoother, faster and a more stable playtime experience – having the coloured stickers exchanged for plastic tiles to prevent peeling, fading as well as cheating!

  • Ages 7+
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years
  • Contents: 1 3×3 Rubik’s Cube, 1 2×2 Cube, 1 Rubik’s 3×3 Keyring