Sage Espresso Machine the Bambino – White


Experience Third Wave coffee specialities at home thanks to the 4 key elements.

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Sage Espresso Machine the Bambino – White. Ref:  SES450SST4EEU1

Experience Third Wave coffee specialities at home thanks to the 4 key elements.
The espresso machine uses exactly the right dose of freshly ground beans, ensures precise temperature control and optimal water pressure, and prepares the perfect micro-milk foam essential for latte art. Just a gesture away from the 4 key elements that professional machines use.

ThermoJet heating system with 3-second heat-up time and PID temperature control.
The ThermoJet heating system with PID temperature control provides water at a temperature of exactly 93°C for perfectly balanced flavours. Welcome to perfect coffee without the wait.

54 mm portafilter for full flavour with double- and single-wall portafilter sets
Full-bodied coffee with lush and complex flavours is produced using the ideal dose of 18 g of freshly ground coffee beans with a professional 54-mm portafilter.

Low pressure pre-infusion followed by the high pressure extraction process (9 bar).
For a full-bodied, creamy espresso, low pressure pre-infusion is followed by a high pressure extraction process (9 bar), made possible thanks to our Italian 15 bar pump.

High steam pressure at 130°C for fast and silky micro-foam
Enjoy the silky, velvety micro-milk foam produced with high steam pressure.

Easy operation with quantity setting for portions
Convenient quantity setting for 1 and 2 servings, steam and hot water at the touch of a button.

Compact Design for all bar sizes
Great performance, small footprint: the Bambino is at home in any kitchen.


  • Milk frothing nozzle included
  • Water filter included
  • Water tank capacity: 1.4 litres
  • Preparation of 1 to 2 cups per brewing process possible
  • Adjustable brewing temperature
  • Cup filling quantity regulation
  • Descaling and cleaning programme included
  • Rated power: 1300 to 1600 watts
  • Pump pressure: 15 bar
  • Dimensions: 195 x 310 x 320 mm

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