The Blues (B.B. King)


The Blues (B.B. King)

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The Blues (B.B. King)

‘The Blues’ was B.B. King’s second Crown LP drawn from his RPM singles recorded between 1951-1958. This album traces his early development into a world class artist.

‘The Blues’ used a single hit tune (in this case ‘When My Heart Beats Like a Hammer,’ a Top Ten R&B chart entry in 1954) to help sell a package of lesser-known material, but thankfully the label also picked some great tunes that hardly sound like filler, even if they didn’t make the charts.  King’s songwriting was already stellar, with ‘I Want to Get Married,’ ‘Don’t You Want a Man Like Me,’ and ‘Ruby Lee’ demonstrating his way with a melody and a lyrical conceit. ‘The Blues’ demonstrates he was already near the top of his class.

The LP is extended with 2 bonus tracks.

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